Heidi, Hoes and Thieves

Obesity can tremble
Leaving only brithces bare
Bill the boy
Told Ms. McCoy
He much enjoyed her hair

Step off my toes
Oh Heidi Hoe
You girl in thievery
A thief in Thieves
Left to believe
You cannot
Will not show

Facts to know
The sun will blow
And wind will only dry
But icecream there
Held by blackbear
Soaked deep into my thigh

Now weeks have passed
Since we met last
In torture by the sea
AP Style
And fashioned smiles
In opportunity

“You’ll make no money”
I’ve been told
“In doing what you love”
But money, see
Does not concern me
In life and likes thereof

My FUPA is now flabby
Says the other bed
A raper soon
Like a cartoon
Will be printed out instead

Here I’m left in blather
Vomit in true sense
Out of my brain
Left to obtain
Some common pink defence

Take care, kiddos.

-Kimmy Ol’ uh-var.

Sexy man of the year

hayden christensen

hayden christensen


Don’t Stop Believin’

I think that having Jen call us up to end camp how we began it was…well, awesome. While singing and dancing, all of the memories, laughs, and friendships created over a truly special ten days at the workshop. All the laughs and inside jokes we had at the broadcast group. The numerous fits of laughter at dinner. The first night with kareoke. I made some very special friends, read some touching blogs, learned a lot about the news. I will never watch another news broadcast the same. I know that for sure. All of you made this a very special experience, and I, truthfully, can not wait for our paths to cross again. To Tammy, Jose, Janell, Jen, Jeanine, Dr. Dave, and everyone who taught me so much about the world of journalism. To all of the friends I made and treasure, thanks.

Brendan Price

It’s Quiet… Too Quiet…

Tori Took This

Old Town San Diego

First I just want to say thank you to EVERYONE. This experience has been AMAZING. I cannot wait to take this back to my publication classes. So many great memories, and so many great connections. Thanks for the support and the respect. You have all become very close to my heart. ❤

I am currently watching the Casey Anthony Trial. It is so odd how I am now watching this in a new light. Before, I would have taken my computer upstairs because of the boredom. Now, I am genuinly intrested and can follow what’s going on. Super trippy.

I don’t think I’ll ever get back into my regular sleeping habbits. It is completely disrupted. Everytime I wake up its cause I think I hear the doorbell 😛 Thanks Tammy… and I totally miss the San Diego weather, its so hot and gross up here in MurrTown.

For everyone’s information all the pictures I have taken are now posted on facebook. All 891 of them. 🙂 Also the videos are up. I agree with a prior post that we need to have a CCNMA 2011 Reunion.

-Tori Parsons, Game Player Extrodinair 🙂


Okay.. y’all can’t just disappear on me! Kay?

We better all stay the tightest bunch of JOURNEYlism homies ever! Alright 🙂 Anywho.. I wanna thank every single one of you. Everyone made me feel so welcome and all the constructive criticism helped me learn so so much. I am gonna miss not waking up to Tammy’s door bell rampages at 6 o clock in the morning… although I basically have to wake up that early again tomorrow for physics! WOOHOO! ….. NAWT!!!

I love you all! Please stay in touch! If we aren’t Facebook friends already, please add me! Unless you hate me… then in that case, don’t add me. Haha.. I’m clearly delusional at the moment. My apologies..


I’m watching that `70s show just in case you were completely lost trying to follow my train of thought! ❤

yess i did a less than three sign. SUE ME!

love you all

-Tara McQueen

ps.. Kelsey now i understand what you were doing on your phone slash itouch erry night hah silly girl.

i want your nuts… corn that is

CCNMA 2011 Rules

Tonight is the first night that I am sleeping in my own bed. Aaaahhh it feels so good to be here, it feels like I just sink right in my bed. Tonight at the banquet was so awesome to see all of the finished projects, they looked so awesome and were amazing. Soooo umm how come I didn’t know that Mitch could freaking anchor so well, it kinda scared me. My mom was like omg he is so good! & SHOUTOUT to Tori & Ruben for doing a dope job on the radio that sounded so cool & real.

The pics I took with everybody tonight and for the past 2 weeks will be going on FB ! muahahahaha *evil laugh* But i really do miss you guys and the whole CCNMA Workshop. It was a blast, I had a lot of fun. Also SHOUTOUT to all the recipients of the scholarships you guys totally deserve it. Love you all :-*

Well, my bed is calling my name, “Oh Zion” keep in touch and hope to see you all again real soon. CCNMA RULES 2011 🙂

P.S. I don’t have to wake up at 6 tomorrow ! yessssss

-Zion Daniel

Late Nights….bright lights….



It’s currently 10:50, and we are STILL working on the newspaper.  As a broadcast student, I did not work on the paper at all the past 2 weeks. But tonight when I came back from NBC, I had fun brainstorming headlines and editing the flats for the paper. It’s ALMOST DONE! so…close….

Usually at this time, I’m in the dorm, and Tara & I are having our usual weird conversations. Good times.

Yet I’m awake, with bright lights on, and a load of sugar calling my name at the table across the room.

Don’t get me wrong, this is actually kinda fun. I like this, even if it means sacrificing a few hours of sleep.

I’m just repeating “BEACH BBQ” in my head, over and over.

Hooray for peanut butter oreos and purple gatorades. There’s also a strange starbucks energy drink….I’m too scared to try it.


…. i just said eep….. again.

Oh and p.s….i took a creeper picture of tori creeping on people. SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW (that’s the best part).
If that isn’t the most epic thing ever, i don’t know what is.

-Kelsey Miller.