Okay.. y’all can’t just disappear on me! Kay?

We better all stay the tightest bunch of JOURNEYlism homies ever! Alright 🙂 Anywho.. I wanna thank every single one of you. Everyone made me feel so welcome and all the constructive criticism helped me learn so so much. I am gonna miss not waking up to Tammy’s door bell rampages at 6 o clock in the morning… although I basically have to wake up that early again tomorrow for physics! WOOHOO! ….. NAWT!!!

I love you all! Please stay in touch! If we aren’t Facebook friends already, please add me! Unless you hate me… then in that case, don’t add me. Haha.. I’m clearly delusional at the moment. My apologies..


I’m watching that `70s show just in case you were completely lost trying to follow my train of thought! ❤

yess i did a less than three sign. SUE ME!

love you all

-Tara McQueen

ps.. Kelsey now i understand what you were doing on your phone slash itouch erry night hah silly girl.

i want your nuts… corn that is


2 responses to “COME BACK!

  1. ahahhahahahahahahaha tara.
    ashtyn kutcher really is a fine looking man.
    i love that his name in that 70s show is Kelso. thats my nickname.

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