It’s Quiet… Too Quiet…

Tori Took This

Old Town San Diego

First I just want to say thank you to EVERYONE. This experience has been AMAZING. I cannot wait to take this back to my publication classes. So many great memories, and so many great connections. Thanks for the support and the respect. You have all become very close to my heart. ❤

I am currently watching the Casey Anthony Trial. It is so odd how I am now watching this in a new light. Before, I would have taken my computer upstairs because of the boredom. Now, I am genuinly intrested and can follow what’s going on. Super trippy.

I don’t think I’ll ever get back into my regular sleeping habbits. It is completely disrupted. Everytime I wake up its cause I think I hear the doorbell 😛 Thanks Tammy… and I totally miss the San Diego weather, its so hot and gross up here in MurrTown.

For everyone’s information all the pictures I have taken are now posted on facebook. All 891 of them. 🙂 Also the videos are up. I agree with a prior post that we need to have a CCNMA 2011 Reunion.

-Tori Parsons, Game Player Extrodinair 🙂


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