Heidi, Hoes and Thieves

Obesity can tremble
Leaving only brithces bare
Bill the boy
Told Ms. McCoy
He much enjoyed her hair

Step off my toes
Oh Heidi Hoe
You girl in thievery
A thief in Thieves
Left to believe
You cannot
Will not show

Facts to know
The sun will blow
And wind will only dry
But icecream there
Held by blackbear
Soaked deep into my thigh

Now weeks have passed
Since we met last
In torture by the sea
AP Style
And fashioned smiles
In opportunity

“You’ll make no money”
I’ve been told
“In doing what you love”
But money, see
Does not concern me
In life and likes thereof

My FUPA is now flabby
Says the other bed
A raper soon
Like a cartoon
Will be printed out instead

Here I’m left in blather
Vomit in true sense
Out of my brain
Left to obtain
Some common pink defence

Take care, kiddos.

-Kimmy Ol’ uh-var.

Sexy man of the year

hayden christensen

hayden christensen


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