Late Nights….bright lights….



It’s currently 10:50, and we are STILL working on the newspaper.  As a broadcast student, I did not work on the paper at all the past 2 weeks. But tonight when I came back from NBC, I had fun brainstorming headlines and editing the flats for the paper. It’s ALMOST DONE! so…close….

Usually at this time, I’m in the dorm, and Tara & I are having our usual weird conversations. Good times.

Yet I’m awake, with bright lights on, and a load of sugar calling my name at the table across the room.

Don’t get me wrong, this is actually kinda fun. I like this, even if it means sacrificing a few hours of sleep.

I’m just repeating “BEACH BBQ” in my head, over and over.

Hooray for peanut butter oreos and purple gatorades. There’s also a strange starbucks energy drink….I’m too scared to try it.


…. i just said eep….. again.

Oh and p.s….i took a creeper picture of tori creeping on people. SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW (that’s the best part).
If that isn’t the most epic thing ever, i don’t know what is.

-Kelsey Miller.


Headlines are Hard

Here’s a few pot-related headlines we found whilst procrastinating writing headlines. Enjoy 🙂

  • Oregon lights up a new habit‎
  • Pot ‘club’ nipped in the bud by cops
  • Marijuana cards: A fee too high‎
  • ‎City puts pot discussion on back burner‎
  • Pot-smoking grandparents sparking controversy

‎–Aubrey Badger

Dennis the Menace and his long lost twin.

Last night, I came face to face with Dennis the Menice’s long lost twin.

To set the scene, I was at Petco Park for the Padres Game .  I was sitting in my plastic, blue bleacher chair. Just a few rows ahead sat a little blonde boy that looked remarkably like one of our favorite troublemakers.

Our favorite troublemaker

(Picture of the look-alike to come.)

This occurrence has no importance whatsoever other than that it is just plain amusing.

As much as I got to see and do at the game last night (meeting Tony Gywnn, for example!), this experience is the one that stuck in my brain.

P.S. This post will be much better once I add the other picture for comparison.

Prepare to be blown away. (:

-Alex Reed

Just another “normal” day

If I could sum up today with one word….. Ridiculous. In a good way! Don’t worry.
Anyways, it began with a nice fun walk into the cafeteria (as a fresh new crop of preteens stared us down). I dumped way too much creamer in my coffee. LESSON LEARNED. Then at NBC, we were in our little workshop cave for about 7 hours (I can’t complain, print kids spent more time in the lab) – but our cave time was good because we finally finished our news show. (insert sigh of relief here). Then from there, we walked happily over to Horton Plaza to catch a showing of … a hilarious movie. Enough said. After the movie we returned back and practiced lines in a small hallway (good times…goood times). Now I’m blogging and munching on corn nuts (story of my life) BLOGGING IS FUN, GUYS!!
Goodnight everyone.
-Kelsey Miller

The Mystery of the Adorableness of Pandas

PandaI will never understand why pandas are so gosh darn cute. I’ll admit, I’ve fallen into their trap of adorableness, and spent 20 minutes of my writing time watching the PandaCam on the Zoo’s website. They’re just big balls of black and white fur with ears. They’re not exciting; all they do is sleep and eat bamboo. So what is it about this large & obviously eternally tired creature that makes everyone fall in love?

I think I know the answer: the cuddle factor.

How awesome would it be to curl up to go to sleep with one of those big fellas? Seeing as they’re not vicious or covered in dirt and woodchips, of course. Personally, if I had one of those in my bed, I could sleep forever. Also, I would host some pretty rad sleepovers.

If pandas are ever up for adoption, I’m sure you can guess who the first person in line will be.

–Aubrey Badger

PS: I guess it’s the “thing” to add a link to your personal blog, so here’s mine:

However, unlike Tara & Kelsey, I am not new to the blogging scene, so if you’d like to scroll through hundreds upon hundreds of pages of pictures, rants, and probably some material that wouldn’t be suitable for your parents to see, then be my guest. This is just a disclaimer, that’s all 😉

PPS: Sexy Man of the Day

(not pictured)

Kevin Friel

(hey, we were all thinking it, someone just had to put it out in the open.)

Happy Monday

Morning everyone! Happy Monday 🙂

Despite missing my own comfy bed at home, I was actually glad to be back at Point Loma sleeping in the apartments with the CCNMA gang. I never thought I would miss long days sitting in the lab working on what seems like impossible-to-finish stories, but clearly I did. Considering the only thing I talked about this weekend was:

“Oh.. I am writing an article on that” or “I sit in one room typing my heart out all day while your at the beach…so stop complaining” haha!

Anyway, I wouln’t change this experience for the world. I have learned so much not just about reporting and print journalism, but the whole process and the multimedia side of journalism as well. Last week was one I know I will never forget! I love all of you and I am kind of sad that this is gonna be over so soon!

We have until Wednesday to make this experience even more memorable so we should definitely make the best of it! What do you say?

CCNMA Multicultural Journalsim Workshop 2011 ❤ You guys are the BEST!


Tara McQueen