I Believe in Grass

I believe in grass because I can relate it to life.

Think about it. Grass gets stepped on and cut down and stepped on and cut down all the time.  But it always gets back up again, growing and growing and growing until it is cut down again.

But what about us? What about humans? We get stepped on and cut down and stepped on and cut down all the time as well. But we don’t always get up. We don’t always decide to keep growing and growing. Instead we choose to bury ourselves in a hole and conservatively lay low. I believe we need to learn from the grass.

Grass doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it, it just grows.  It doesn’t matter who cuts it down, it just grows again.

But people decide that when they get cut down, the humiliation will force them to disappear. People don’t always want to grow.

So I believe in grass. It will never stop growing, just going with the flow, living and loving life.  But people get caught up and stop growing and loving life.  Anybody looking for a new teacher need only look in the front lawn.  At the grass.


Mitch Quesada


Coolest Ice Cube In The Freezer

So, we taped our broadcast today. That was a trip. Most of us were practicing and practicing our script, counting down the moments until we could get on screen and then be done. Well, I seemed to be the lone person not freaking out. I was, by all accounts, the coolest ice cube in the freezer. It all seemed so easy, well, that is until they miked me up and I had to go do my segment. The ice cube then proceeded to melt. I became a bundle of nerves. It was a weird feeling. I was a bundle of nerves, but at the same time, it was an awesome feeling to be doing something I loved, sports. I can’t wait to go through it all again.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.


I’m currently in the van on the way back to plnu. This is so sad. This was the last day at NBC. We said bye to our conference room cave, took the sign off the door, and made our way down to the parking garage. Today was amazing though, in a bittersweet way. We finally filmed the broadcast, had lunch at TGI FRIDAYS (where us girls had a celebratory virgin strawberry daqueri & spilled our weird fears), and came back to the cave to watch our broadcast. COOLEST THING EVER.
I felt like a tourist when we were leaving the studio; I took creeper shots of people and everything in sight.

I reaaaallly want to put something cheesy here….ok, here goes…

This is Kelsey Miller, signing off for NBC 7 San Diego’s High Tide News.


Ruben Meza Saved My Virtual Life

Google Chrome.

Some call it a browser. Others call it an upgrade. Ruben Meza calls it a life saver. It took me 6 days of living in a dorm with him complaining that I was the last person in the Milky Way still using Internet Explorer (which by the way Ruben, Brendan still has it too) before I was finally convinced to install it on my laptop instead of using Internet Explorer.

Well Ruben you saved my virtual life. I’m sure I’ll save craploads of time on the internet because you convinced me to install Google Chrome. Thank you, job well done.

Oh Ruben, my hero! What would I do without you? I’m kidding, all joking aside this was probably the greatest thing that happened to me since…installing Internet Explorer.

This Rose Is So Lonely

Sooo. Yesterday evening, us broadcast children returned to PLNU after FINALLY finishing up everything we needed to get done for when we needed to tape. It was a grueling effort and we celebrated by going to the movies across the plaza and coming back. We all hung out in the hallway next to the computer lab while the print people were trying to finish up all of their stories before deadline. We had to time to burn, so we began to practice our scripts for the following morning. So, the fun began. We were practicing when Kimmi and Kelsey broke into song, we were practicing while Aubrey interviewed Mitch, we practiced throughout everything. And then Jazmine called her mom. Huge mistake. While she was talking on the phone, Mitch broke out into Argentinian tango dancer accent. With everyone laughing so hard we were on the ground, he kept firing away. “This rose is so lonely.” “Tonight I teach you how to bailar.” “Do you want to tango?” “Do you like when I talk to you only in the español?” “You and me shall steal the spotlight together.” The funniest part was watching Jazmine convulse with silent laughter and trying not to cry because she was laughing so hard, at the same time as calling her mom. Ah yes, these are the moments people pay to see.

The object of Mitch's infatuation