Don’t Stop Believin’

I think that having Jen call us up to end camp how we began it was…well, awesome. While singing and dancing, all of the memories, laughs, and friendships created over a truly special ten days at the workshop. All the laughs and inside jokes we had at the broadcast group. The numerous fits of laughter at dinner. The first night with kareoke. I made some very special friends, read some touching blogs, learned a lot about the news. I will never watch another news broadcast the same. I know that for sure. All of you made this a very special experience, and I, truthfully, can not wait for our paths to cross again. To Tammy, Jose, Janell, Jen, Jeanine, Dr. Dave, and everyone who taught me so much about the world of journalism. To all of the friends I made and treasure, thanks.

Brendan Price


The Mystery of the Adorableness of Pandas

PandaI will never understand why pandas are so gosh darn cute. I’ll admit, I’ve fallen into their trap of adorableness, and spent 20 minutes of my writing time watching the PandaCam on the Zoo’s website. They’re just big balls of black and white fur with ears. They’re not exciting; all they do is sleep and eat bamboo. So what is it about this large & obviously eternally tired creature that makes everyone fall in love?

I think I know the answer: the cuddle factor.

How awesome would it be to curl up to go to sleep with one of those big fellas? Seeing as they’re not vicious or covered in dirt and woodchips, of course. Personally, if I had one of those in my bed, I could sleep forever. Also, I would host some pretty rad sleepovers.

If pandas are ever up for adoption, I’m sure you can guess who the first person in line will be.

–Aubrey Badger

PS: I guess it’s the “thing” to add a link to your personal blog, so here’s mine:

However, unlike Tara & Kelsey, I am not new to the blogging scene, so if you’d like to scroll through hundreds upon hundreds of pages of pictures, rants, and probably some material that wouldn’t be suitable for your parents to see, then be my guest. This is just a disclaimer, that’s all 😉

PPS: Sexy Man of the Day

(not pictured)

Kevin Friel

(hey, we were all thinking it, someone just had to put it out in the open.)